Jeff Stover Retires From SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority
After 37-Years

Lewisburg, PA – Mr. Jeff Stover was celebrated recently for his dedicated leadership of the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority (JRA) as the first Executive Director for the organization. Formed in 1983, the JRA has continually fulfilled its mission to preserve Rail Freight in the Central Susquehanna Valley. Instrumental in the success of the JRA was Jeff Stover and his tireless efforts to preserve, expand, and invest in rail service. Starting in 1983 with the preservation of 2 railroads, what is now the Nittany & Bald Eagle Railroad and the North Shore Railroad, the JRA now owns nearly 220 miles of railroad across 9 counties. Jeff was hired in 1985 to lead the fledgling municipal authority. During Stover’s tenure, the railroad swelled in size and rail volume. He guided the upgrade of the Nittany Mainline to allow unit trains traverse the railroad at higher speeds, successfully secured over $11 million in 2010 for rail expansion during the Marcellus Shale boom, and most recently lead the effort to acquire the Selinsgrove Industry Track in Snyder County.

Current JRA Board Chairman, Russ Graham noted, “Jeff’s calm demeanor and professionalism have been instrumental in the increased economic development of Central Pennsylvania. He built a foundation of success that will enable our region to continue to grow and prosper.”

Jeff Stover offering thanks to the crowd.

To honor Stover, a large gathering was held to celebrate his leadership and successes on February 16 at the Rusty Rail Brewing Company. The luncheon celebration included remarks, memorable stories, and accolades. Speakers included, Former Union County Commissioner, former JRA Board Chairman, and current JRA Board Member John Showers, current JRA Board Chairman President Russ Graham, former Lycoming County Planning Director and former JRA Board Chairman Jerry Walls, Board Solicitor Tom Schreck, former Executive Director of SEDA-COG and current Board Member Bob Hormell and current Executive Director of SEDA-COG Kim Wheeler. The master of ceremonies for the afternoon event was long time board member representing Clinton County, John Gummo. Gummo introduced newly appointed Executive Director Steven Beattie, Executive Secretary Michelle Ballou and complimented the continuing good work of JRA Property Manager, Kyle Postupack. Gummo further acknowledged the JRA Board of Directors as a cohesive force for positive economic growth throughout our region. The retirement event was sponsored and privately funded by “Friends of Jeff Stover”.

Stover officially retired on December 31, 2022, and will continue to consult for the JRA on an as needed basis. During his retirement, Stover plans to catch up on travel to see his children and life-long friends while continuing to reside in Lock Haven, PA.

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About the SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority: Established in 1983 and celebrating 40 years, the JRA’s mission is to preserve rail freight service across a nine-county area of central Pennsylvania. The JRA is responsible for nearly 220 miles of railroad across six railroads. JRA rail service, in cooperation with its strategic partner and operator, North Shore Railroad, supports over 100 customers and 12,600 jobs in the region.

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